BUSCH BA50381 Land Rover Defender Station Wagon 110 "Bergrettungsdienst"

Item No.: BUSCH BA50381

Worth collecting ! Gather the remorse of our customers will be rewarded , not only with a boring gift certificate - deserves no, our fans have something more exclusive , something that you can not buy so readily . This has self-contained collection of strictly limited series models from the Land Rover Mountain Rescue 's Collection ( in the truest sense of the word) in it. Because each package is included to collect a special chip in the form of a puzzle piece . Are all 12 chips / parts complete, it creates a gepuzzeltes image that depicts another model - a model ( Model 13 ) , which can not be purchased. This complete picture will be returned to us , the customer gets for his repentance Collect this 13 Free model . Since the number 13 is just to get in this way , it is a rarity - a truly collective values ���?��?����?��?�Edition. ------

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