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The MGM-5 Corporal developed in the USA was a surface-to-surface short-range missile that could be equipped with a nuclear warhead. With this or alternative warheads the weapon would be able to attack targets up to a distance of 140 km. In the event of war in Europe the Corporal would be used as a tactical nuclear weapon. The first artillery battalion with Corporal missiles was set up in 1955 (6 out of 12 American battalions were stationed in Europe). The Corporal weapon system remained in use until 1964.


  •  Detailed missile body
  •  Ground launch platform with discharge deflectors
  •  Movable missile supports
  •  Wheels with separate tyres
  •  Radar boxes
  • 3 Ground staff figures

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  • Lang 393mm
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REV00020 US ARMY Corporal

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