Dragon 6305 German Panzer Grenadiers KHARKOV 1943

Item No.: Dragon 6305

1/35 Waffen SS Panzer Grenadiers, ''Kharkov 1943'' - Premium Edition Kit/GEN 2 Series

The long awaited upgrade to this classic kit is coming! It has been upgraded to Premium Edition status and includes new GEN 2 parts such as all new high detailed heads, photo-etched parts, and more!

Main Features:

  • Upgraded personal equipment and gear
  • Upgraded weapons
  • Photo-etched parts (gun slings, helmet straps, insignia etc)
  • Four completely new heads made from Dragon Styrene (for maximum detail)

About Kharkov 1943:
The southern Russian city of Kharkov was devastated as German and Russian opponents fought back and forth. In 1941 the Germans captured the city, but in May 1942 Russian forces attempting to retake the city were savagely pummeled. Eventually the Russians did retake it in the aftermath of the Battle of Stalingrad, only to be driven out again in the bitter cold of February 1943. The epic finally ended when Soviet troops reoccupied it in August 1943.

Aantal onderdelen; 300+

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