AFV Club AF35S52 British Infantry tank CHURCHILL Mk.VI with Ordnance QF

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AFV Club continue their Churchill series with this kit of the Mk.VI w/QF 75mm Mk.V gun which was basically the last in the l,ine of Mk.IV based vehicles with a cast turret refitted with the QF 75mm Mk.V gun as were numberous Mk.IIIs and Mk.IVs.

This Mk.VI incorporated some of the design feaures of the Mk.VII that was being designed at the same timeframe as the Mk.VI entered service in 1943. This includes the turret roof layout and hull featurews such as the front periscopes and some storage arrangments.

Vijf uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Royal Armoured Corps Gunnery School, Dorset UK, 1943.
  • 45th Tank Brigade, France 1944.
  • 3rd Battalion, Scots Guards, 6th Guards Armoured Brigade, Holland, November 1944.
  • 25th Armoured Brigade, Italy, May, 1944.
  • 6th Guards Armoured Brigade, Germany, March 1945.


  • Turret w/ Shield 
  • Metal Gun Barrel w/Rifling
  • Realistic Suspension system w/ metal coil springs

  • Mudguards w/ same parting structure as the real Vehicle

  • 2 types of Rivets for side armour plates included 

  • Clear Periscope vision blocks provided

  •  Photo-Etched metal parts for super detailing

Humbrol verf kleur nr.'s; 19 / 34 / 53 / 54 / 66 / 85 / 160 / 168 / 169.

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