Italeri 7040 JS-2 Stalin

Item No.: Italeri 7040

The appearance of new German heavy tanks on the Asian front - the Tiger in particular -, stimulated Soviet engineers to develop a new generation of armoured vehicles, based on the T-100 prototype. The torsion bar suspension was mounted higher in the hull, lowering the tanks height from the ground and allowing the installation of a larger turret able to hold a 100mm cannon (in the JS-1) or a 122mm cannon (in the JS-2, which appeared at the end of 1943).

ALZ ZER wargame approved.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Soviet Army, Berlin, 1945.
  • Soviet Army, Unknown unit, Vitebsk, 1944.
  • Soviet Army, 4th Guards Tank Regiment, Lvov, Summer 1944.
  • Soviet Army, Unknown unit, Germany,1945.

Deze set bevat;

  • 1X Fast Assambly kit; JS-2 Stalin.
  • 1X Classic kit; JS-2 Stalin.
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