REV04829 Apollo Spacecraft & Interior

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Moon landing serie "40 Years 20-07-1969"
"That's one little step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"

The Apollo spacecraft that carried the astronauts to the moon consisted of 2 components: the command module and the service module. The command module consisted of the accommodation/cockpit section for the 3 astronauts and extensive electronic communication systems. The oxygen and power were supplied from the service module that also contained the main power plant, to enable the lunar orbit to be reached and also to provide the thrust for the return to Earth. The command and service modules were coupled together throughout the mission, that is on the journeys both to and from the moon. Only a few minutes before entry into the Earth's atmosphere the command module was separated from the service module. The command module alone returned to Earth and landed safely on parachutes in the Pacific.

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  • Apollo Spacecraft

Schaal 1:32.
Afmeting:Lengte; 324 mm.
Aantal onderdelen; 128.



  • Apollo Spacecraft met Interior
  • 4 veschillende Revell verf.
  • Penceel.
  • Lijm.
  • Standaard. Model is nieuw.




  • Command module with detailed interior
  • Inner walls with decals for instrument panel and display screens
  • 3 astronaut figures
  • Detailed seats
  • Transparent outer section gives a view into the cockpit
  • Oxygen tanks and heat shield
  • Docking ring with coupling mechanism
  • Service module with transparent outer section
  • Clamping segment with fuel cells, oxygen tanks, hydrogen tanks and large tank container
  • Internal mechanism for the movable main control jet
  • Antennae holders with reflectors
  • 4 control jet brackets
  • Display stand
  • Decals for exterior



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