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The Ju 88 was certainly the most versatile German combat plane in the 2nd World War. It served as a dive bomber and for high altitude bombing. It was equally successful as a night fighter and as a torpedo bomber against shipping. It could also be used as a tank-buster, as a minelayer and for reconnaissance. After numerous modifications the 2nd prototype took to the air on 2nd February 1938. The Ju 88A-1 went into series production in September 1939. In order to satisfy the requirements of the German Air Ministry, who had also procured the Ju 88 for use as a dive bomber, the production machine received underwing dive brakes. The Ju 88 started its first missions with the occupation of Norway. In June/July 1940, the Luftwaffe concentrated on Channel convoys and coastal targets, followed by more attacks on the British mainland at the beginning of August. On 11th August, 54 Ju 88A-1's attacked Portland; later something over 100 Ju 88's took part in attacks on Portsmouth and Ventnor. From 15th August the English tactics changed and the Luftwaffe had less success, until on 15th September the page finally turned. This date went down in history as the "Battle of Britain. When the 2nd World War ended the Ju 88 was still in full production. By then more Ju 88's had been built than all other German bombers together - over 15,000 planes.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Luftwaffe, 7./Kampfgeschwader 54, "Battle of Britain" Campaign France, September 1940.
  • Luftwaffe, 3./Kampfgeschwader 30, "Battle of Britain" Campaign France 1940.
  • Luftwaffe, U4+TK of an unknown Luftwaffe test Unit for Navigation System "Knickebrein" Norway, April 1940.

Aantal onderdelen; 281.

  • Lengte.453 mm 
  • Spanwijdte.571 mm.

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