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Improved flight control system and an "all-flying tail" (This system changed to a full power-operated control with an "artificial feel" built into the aircraft's controls to give the pilot forces on the stick that were still conventional, but light enough for superior combat control. It improved high-speed maneuverability); 456 built, North American model NA-170 (F-86E-1 and E-5 blocks), NA-172, essentially the F-86F airframe with the F-86E engine (F-86E-10 and E-15 blocks); 60 of these built by Canadair for USAF (F-86E-6)

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  • USAF, 336th FIS, K-14 Air Base, Korea 1952.
  • USAF, 336th FIS, 4th F.I.Wing Kimpo Air Base, Korea 1952.
  • South African Air Force, nr.2 Squadron, Korea 1952.
  • Sabre Mk.6, german Air Force, JG 71, 1st Staffeln, oldenburg, 1957.
  • Sabre Mk.6, Royal Canadian Air Force, nr.421 Squadron, "Grostequin" France 1957.
  • Sabre F.4, British Royal Air Force, nr.4 Squadron, Jever 1956.
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