Trumpeter 02820 Wyvern S.4 "Late Version"

Item No.: Trumpeter 02820

                          Westland Wyvern S.4

The Wyvern was a mythical monster with the front legs of a dragon and the barbed tail of a snake and, of course, it was one mean creature ! The westland Wyvern was the last fixed-wing aircraft design from the Westland aircraft Co. and was one of the last prop-driven fighters. it was a very large airplane that was aout the same weight as a DC-3 but larger than - and - twice as powerful as - a P-47 Thunderbolt. its twin, contra-rotating props certainly gave it the same mean appearance as its fictional predecessor. Four converted and 87 new built aircraft were delivered of the most omportant Wyvern version, the TF.4, later renamed S.4. The TF.4 had numerous small changes. The recognition characteristics was the cut-off engine inlet, the propeller spinner then protruding much further forward. Small rectangular fins were added to the tailplane, changes were made to the ailerons, Martin-Baker MK.2B ejection seats were installed, and the cockpit was reinforced. Later modifications included perforated dive brakes, a flat windscreen, and provisions for tip tanks. Wyvern units were 827, 813, 830 and 831SQ. In November 1956 the 830 and 831 Squadron took part in the Suez campaign.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Royal Navy - WN325, 830 Squadron, HMS Eagle 1956, Suez.
  • Royal Navy - WN335, 831 Squadron, HMS Ark Royal 1957.
  • Royal Navy - WL879, 813 Squadron. HMS Eagle 1958.


  • Lang; 268.5 mm.
  • Spanwijdte; 279.5 mm.

Aantal onderdelen;

  • 223 plastic onderdelen
  • film parts; Instruments panel
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