AFV Club AF35153 Churchill Mk.III British infantry tank

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AFV Club

                        Churchill Mk.III

This kit is probably one of the most anticipated Allied armour subjects since AFV Club's monumental Churchill Mk. 3 release (item AF35153). This version of the famous Churchill builds on AFV Club's previous Churchill kit, with some new goodies -a total of about 138 new parts for the AVRE version.  

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • British Army, "Kingforce", El Alamein, October 1942.
  • Soviet Army, Winter 1942-1943.
  • 14th Canadian Army Tank regiment "Calgary Regiment", Britain 1942.
  • 51st Royal Tank Regiment, Tunisia, Frebruari 1943.

Aantal onderdelen:  

  • 394 plastic onderdelen
  •   29 Photo etched parts
  •   22 ijzeren veren voor wielophanging

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