Revell 03087 M901A1 ITV "raket Panzerjager"

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Anti-tank vehicles with their long-range guided missiles attack enemy tanks before these can operate with their cannon. The US Army therefore developed the M901 ITV (Improved TOW Vehicle) which combines the TOW guided missile system with the M113A2 armoured personnel carrier and can attack enemy tanks at distances up to 3,750 m.

Over 2,500 of these units were built which, after conversion to the firing capability of the TOW2 guided missile, received the designation M901A1 ITV. The model kit includes a reproduction of the traversing TOW launcher that is as detailed as the running gear and tracks, which are assembled from individual links and segments. The decals enable two different USArmy vehicles to be represented.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • 1st Cavalry Division, 5th Cavalry, Operation desert Strom 1991 Kuwait / Iraq.
  • 3rd Armoured Division, 2nd Iron Brigade, 1st Battalion / 48th Infantry, Combat Support Company. REFORGER 1981, Exercise; "Certain Encounter" West Germany.

Afmeting: Lang; 139 mm

Aantal onderdelen: 196


  • Structural details on surfaces
  • True-to-original tracks made from injection moulded segments and individual links
  • Traversing M23 turret with detailed TOW launcher
  • Movable hatches
  • Separate trim vane
  • Spare canisters

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