Italeri 7035 Matilda Mk.II

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Deriving from the smaller Matilda Mk.I (considered a transition tank) the Mk.II went into service in 1938. Armed with a 40mm gun and with cast armour it was virtually immune to all anti tank weapons, until the arrival of the German 88mm guns. It was widely used in North Africa, at least up until the battle of El Alamein

ALZ ZER wargame approved.
Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Soviet Army, 10th Army, Bryansk Front (Russia), 1942.
  • British 8th Army, 7th Armoured Division, North Africa, 1941.
  • British 8th Army, 7th Royal Tank Regiment, North Africa, 1941.
  • British, nr.4 Independent Troop, Malta Tank Squadron, Malta, 1942.
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