Italeri 7041 Panzer Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M/N

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Development of the Panzer III began in the mid-1930s with the aim to make it the backbone of the armoured battalions of the Wehrmacht, alongside a smaller number of heavier tanks (Panzer IV). Initially armed with a 37mm cannon, the Panzer III moved rapidly to a 50mm cannon and, in the upgraded versions (Ausf M and L), to the 75/24 gun with 64 rounds already used on the Panzer IV. Production ceased in August 1943.

ALZ ZER wargame approved.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • 20th Panzer Division, Orel, July 1943.
  • Panzer Division Hermann Göring, Italy, July 1943.
  • Unknown unit, Kursk, 1943.
  • 15th Panzer Division, Tunisia, 1943.
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