Revell 03133 PANZER III Ausf.L

Réf. article: Revell 03133

The L version of the Panzer III tank was built from the summer of 1942 to the end of that year. Its main difference from the J version was the additional armour on the front of the hull and on the cannon mantlet. 20 mm thick armour plates were added to give the crew improved protection at the front. To simplify production certain details were changed. The louvres were completely removed from the mantlet and the sides of the turret and in later models the emergency exits were eliminated from the sides of the hull. The ammunition stowage for the long 50 mm cannon 39/L60 again had to be somewhat reduced due to its increased weight and now held 78 rounds.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • 3rd Panzer Grennadier Division, Ostfront, Winter 1942.
  • Unbekante Einheit, Ostfront Anfang 1943. :


Aantal onderdelen: 144.


  • Lang 90 mm


  • Finely detailed model with many surface structures
  • Injection moulded track
  • Rotating turret
  • Optional emergency exits
  • Altered maintenance hatches or engine compartment

Revell verf: : 5 9 16 78 83 85 91

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