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The new type Sherman M4A1 was introduced in January 1944. Despite an improved 76 mm gun and a completely new turret, the armament continued to be deficient so that the front end and sides would frequently require additional protection. Thanks to their superior numbers and good manoeuvrability, the American Sherman managed to stand up to the German tanks. This tank has been deployed in many war theatres.

  • Movable turret
  • Detailed sproket wheels
  • Separate hatches
  • Detailed superstructure with side aprons
  • 76 mm gun and MG
  • Structurally detailed surfaces

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • US Army - 1st Armoured Division, 1st Tank Battalion, A-Companie, Tank No.5.

  • Free France Army - 5.EME DB-1er CUIR, 2.Company, Paris 1944.

Aantal onderdelen; 88.

  • Lang; 85 mm.

Revell verf:  9 / 45 / 91.

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