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The USS Olympia was a cruiser commissioned in 1895 and was assigned to the Asiatic Squadron home ported in Shanghai, China. In 1898, Commodore George Dewey assumed command of the Asiatic Squadron and made Olympia his flagship. Not long after his arrival, the Asiatic Squadron was readied in the event of war with Spain. When war was declared, Dewey took the squadron to Manila Bay in the Philippines to capture or destroy the Spanish fleet based there. Olympia and her squadron mates engaged the Spanish fleet until their surrender shortly thereafter. Dewey remained off Manila in support of US Army forces that went ashore to conquer the islands from Spanish occupation.

On successful completion of their mission, Dewey and Olympia returned to the US where the ship was decommissioned and placed in reserve in November 1899. Olympia was reactivated in 1902 for North Atlantic duty over the next four years followed by training duty in support of the US Naval Academy. In 1916, the Olympia would patrol off the eastern US during World War I. She continued her service in the North Atlantic and training roles until her decommissioning in 1922. 


  • USS Olympia circa 1898, Battle of Manila Bay
  • USS Olympia circa Sep 1898-Aug 1899 in victory colors
  • USS Olympia circa Sep 1899 in its US return colors

Photo-Etched Detailing Parts


  • Accessories Premium Edition
  • Resin parts: screw, stern torpedo tubes
  • Metal parts: anchor chain
  • Etching fences, bilge keel, Crest, stairs, ramps, around chimneys, cable reels, Skylight frames, watertight doors, Environment
  •  Wood Deck
  •  8 inches, 6 pounds Gun metal Barrel
  •  Exhibition stands made of metal

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