Revell 07408 2010 International LONESTAR

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2010 International LONESTAR

The heavy duty truck known as the International LoneStar is made by the Navistar International Corporation with its head office in the state of Illinois. This manufacturer of commercial vehicles founded in 1902 makes, in addition to trucks, the typical American yellow school buses. The LoneStar is conspicuous for its unusual shape alone. The retro design is not merely aesthetic. The large sloping front grille of the LoneStar offers enormous aerodynamic advantages over other conventional trucks with their angular shapes. These become apparent in the form of lower air resistance, which is associated with lower fuel consumption. The interior of this unusual truck impresses with the latest equipment, comfortable seats and a really luxurious living area. This 6 wheeler is powered by their own diesel engine, the MAXXFORCE 15 which is equipped with two sequential turbochargers and 2,200 bar high-pressure fuel injection. The 15.2 litre, 6-cylinder diesel engine with high pulling power and a dry weight of 1,430 kg develops 550 hp.

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  • 2010 International LONESTAR - All Ways "Our Business Is Moving"


  • Lang; 378 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 314


  • Multipart, true-to-original frame
  • Movable front axle
  • Three-axle chassis
  • Multipart, detailed 6-cylinder engine
  • Lift-up bonnet
  • Authentic cab with detailed instrument panel
  • Large roof spoiler
  • Over 70 chrome parts including tanks, tool box, wing mirrors, exhaust pipe and striking front grille
  • Mesh behind front grille enclosed as a photo-etched part
  • Rotating wheels with chrome rims

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