Trumpeter 06223 A-3 SKY WARRIOR

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        '' A-3D Skywarrior  - Carrier-based aircraft ''

There were several variants of the A-3. The A3D-1 (later designated A-3A) had a primary mission of attacking enemy surface targets. The A-3A had a conventional swept-wing structure, two turbo-jet engines, provisions for a three-man crew of pilot, bomber-assistant pilot and a gunner-navigator. There were provisions for twelve 4,500 pound thrust JATO bottles and for in-flight refueling. The airplane was a conventional swept-wing structure with an all metal wing and a semi-monocoque fuselage. The two turbo-jet engines were enclosed in under-wing nacelles. The tricycle landing gear, arresting gear, wing fold and tail fold mechanisms, single slotted wing flaps and power boost were operated by hydraulic power. The horizontal stabilizer was adjustable for trim in flight. The Navy would never have a strategic bombing role in the defense of the United States, but the 282 Skywarriors which the Navy purchased served well in many roles. And as the last decade of the century began, the KA-3 and EA-3 soldiered on as tankers and electronic warfare aircraft.

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  • Lengte 64 mm.
  • Spanwijdte 63 mm.

Aantal vliegtuigen; 6 stuks

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