Hasegawa 07209 / Pt9 F-4G PHANTOM II Wild Weasel

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The F-4 Phantom II, a supersonic fighter utillzed over most of the world and of wich more than 5,000 have been produced, is one of the most widely used fighter aircraft in the world. with an outstanding all-wheather operation capability, the main reason for its utillization not only by the United States Air Force, Navy and Marines, but numerous others nations in both air combat and ground attack roles. The Pantom II was intially deveroped in responce to a requirement placed by the United States Navy for an all-weather, carrier borne fighter aircraft, the first production made performing its first flight on May 27, 1958. The initial model utilized by the Navy was the B model. This was later improved to create the N model, and the J model was developed into S model. the Air Force first utilized the aircraft in the C model, this later being improved to the D model, to wich a Vulcan cannon was later added to create the long noesed E model. The later G model was christened the '' Wild Weasel '' a derivative of wich was supplied to the Navy as the Reconnaissance RF-4B and the Air Force RF-4C,E. Air force E models was licensed for production to the Japan Air Defence Force as the F-4EJ model, wich also used the RF-4E as reconnaissance aircraft. 

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  • USAF, 37TFW, 563TFS
  • USAFE ,52TFW, 23TFS, Spangdahlem AB 

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