Airfix A07001 Boeing B-29 Superfortress

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The Supperfortess wil always be remembered as the aircraft wich dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan, thus being responsible for the sudden ending of the Second World War. Design began in 1940 in responce to a specification for a high-altitude long-range ''superbomber'' to rplace the B-17 and B-24. the Boeing XB-29 prototype first flew in September 1942. First test continud into 1943, marred by a tragic accident in February when the second XXB-29 crashed, killing boeing test pilot Eddie Allen. In March 1944 the first squadrons of the 20th Air Force were sent out to India. Later as American ground forces captured the Mariana Islands in the Pacific, enormous airfields were built within each of Japan and all operations were transferred to this theatre. the first of the two Superfotress featured in this kit is the famous '' Eddie Allen'' an early B-29-40BW operated by 45BS, 40BG, 58WG ,in CBI markings. ''Eddie Allen '' completed 10 transport missions and the last 23 combat missions, most of them afther the SQ moved to Tinian. ''Joltin Josie '' the Pacific Pioneer '', is a late B-29-40BW flown bij 873BS ,498BG ,73WG. This aircraft was the first to land on Saipan and took in the first Tokyo raid. It was lost with its entire crew on 1st April 1945. Supperfortress production ceased with the end of the war when 3.970 had been built. Many of the surplus bombers were put into storage to emerge again for the Korean conflict in wich nine SQ`s took part.Other B-29s were supplied to the RAF where its served as the ''Washington ''  

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • "Joltin Josie", 873rd Bombardment Squadron, 498th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing
  • "Eddie Allen", 45th Bombardment Squadron, 40th Bomb Group, 58th Wing.

Humbrol verf         (MM=Modelmaster / REV= Revell

  • 10 Gloss Service Brown   = MM1540   / REV81
  • 11 Metallic Silver            = MM1780  / REV90
  • 33 Matt Black                 = MM1749  / REV 8
  • 53 Metalic Gunmetal       = MM1795  
  • 61,Matt Fles                   = MM1516  / REV35
  • 64 Matt Light Grey           = MM1731  / REV75
  • 69 Gloss Yellow               = MM1514  / REV12
  • 186 Matt Brown               = MM1701  / REV381  

Afmetingen:L. 419 mm /Br. 607 mm.
Aantal onderdelen; 205.

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