Italeri 1315 H-21 "FLYING BANANA"

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This cargo helicopter with tandem rotors was designed for the U.S. Army during the Fifties. It can be considered to be the first real reliable helicopter of its category notwithstanding the limits of its piston engines. The H-21 was also purchased by the French Navy which used it during the Algerian war for transport and attack missions. At the same time the West German and Canadian Armies acquired the choppers for supply and support roles. The U.S. Army used the H-21 in substantial numbers during the initial phase of the Vietnam war.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Japan Air Self Defence Force, Hammamatsu Air Museum, Japan.
  • U.S.A.F., 1370 Squadron M.A.T.S., Turner Field, GA., 1960.
  • Royal Canadian Air Force, Rescue Air Transport Command, Nova Scotia 1960.
  • Aéronavale, Flotille 31F, Algeria, 1956.

Lang; 363 mm.
Model Master verf kleur nr.'s;

  • 1405  Gun Metal Metalizer
  • 1503  Red
  • 1508  Light Blue Gloss
  • 1524  Green
  • 1546  Silver
  • 1550  Flat Red
  • 1569  Flat Yellow
  • 1711  Olive Drab
  • 1728  Light Ghost Grey
  • 1734  Green Zinc Chromate
  • 1749  Flat Black
  • 1768  Flat White
  • 1785  Rust 
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