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                             '' DFS-194 ''

The DFS-194 was designed by Dr. Alexander M. Lippisch as a rocket propelled research aircraft powerd by a Walter R I-203 rocket engine mounted in the tail wich developed 882 pounds of thrust. During January of 1939 , Lippisch and his desing team transferred from DFS to Messerschmitt compagny taking the project with them. The DFS-194 made its first flight during early 1940, reaching speeds over 340 mph under rocket power. The succes of the DFS-194 directly led to development of the Me-163 Komet rocket fighter

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  •  Duitse Luftwaffe, Peenemünde 1944/45.

Aantal onderdelen: 13

Humbrol verf nr:

  • HB 33 Matt Black 
  • HB 74 Matt Linen
  • HB 94 Matt Brown Yellow
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