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                           H.M.S. Torquay 

"Her Majesty's Ship"

HMS Torquay one of the Royal Navy's six ship Type 12 "Whitby" Class of anti-submarine frigates, constructed during the 1950's, all of which were named after seaside resorts and coastal towns.

The "Whitby" Class were designed primarily as anti-submarine warfare ships equipped with underwater detection equipment and anti-submarine weapons of post-war development.  They had a high focsle and clean lines which resulted in good sea keeping qualities. This combined with their twin rudders made them highly manoeuvrable and able to maintain high speed in rough seas.

The ships were of all welded construction and were specially designed with the lightest possible structure. The opportunity was taken during their construction to refine the techniques necessary for rapid building of such vessels in time of emergency.

Although originally designed with provision for twelve torpedo tubes, 8 single and 2 twin mounts.

HMS Torquay participated in the Suez operation during 1956 and was despatched to Tobruk in 1958 after the assassination of the Iraqi Royal Family. Between 1967 and 1973 she was a Navigation Training Ship at Portsmouth and in 1974 was refitted to undertake trials of CAAIS - Computer Assisted Action Information System. HMS Torquay attended the 1977 Silver Jubilee Fleet Review off Spithead and was the longest serving ship in her class when she paid off on March 31st 1985.

The "Whitby" Class models are somewhat inaccurate in relation to their armament when compared to the other models in the range. On the "Whitby" Class models the aft 40 mm twin Bofors anti-aircraft mount is represented by a small rotating turret, which is normally used to depict 4.5" to 5.25" twin gun mounts, instead of the fixed twin mount used on all the other models.

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Frog F125F

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