Dragon 6547 2cm FLAKVIERLING 38 Late Production with LUFTWAFFE CRE

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2cm FLAKVIERLING 38 Late Production with LUFTWAFFE CREW

'39-'45 SERIES

Germany produced hundreds of 20mm FlaK 30 light antiaircraft cannons, but these suffered from the drawback of having a relatively low rate of fire of 120 rounds per minute (rpm). One method of improving this situation was to develop the 2cm FlaK 38, which had a rate of fire of 220 rpm. However, this was still insufficient, and so Rheinmetall combined four 20mm cannons onto a single mount. The resulting weapon, known as the Flakvierling 38, then produced a practical rate of fire of 800 rpm. Produced from 1940 onwards by Mauser, the 1509kg weapon was usually operated by a crew of eight men. It was typically transported aboard an Sd.Ah.52 trailer, although it could be mounted on halftrack or tank chassis to make a mobile antiaircraft vehicle too. Of course, the 20mm Flakvierling 38 could be employed against ground targets as effectively as against low-flying aircraft too.

Dragon has produced a new kit of a Late Production variant of the Flakvierling 38. As such, the 1/35 scale kit features new barrels, gun sights and hand wheels. The handles and sights are offered as options, allowing modelers to choose how to depict the exact configuration of their cannon. The armored gun shield is made in a true-to-scale thickness, and it can be displayed in either combat or travel modes. The triangular gun platform is fully detailed, and the gun can be elevated or traversed according to the modeler’s wishes. Made as one piece items, the four 20mm cannons are slide molded with hollow muzzles. The gun in this 1/35 kit does not come alone, for it is supplied with a readymade four-man gun crew. Each of the crewmen is posed in vivid action positions, and they look extremely realistic. These four figures will allow a vignette or diorama to be made immediately, and by adding extras such as sandbags, this four-barreled cannon will be ready to take on enemy aircraft foolhardy enough to venture anywhere near it!

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  • Brand new 2cm Flakvierling
  • Newly tooled gun sight and sight bracket w/well-defined detail
  • Newly tooled hand wheel included as option
  • Cannons can be freely posed at different angles
  • Gunner's seat can be adjusted according to the gun elevation
  • Gun shield can be assembled at different angles for travel or combat modes
  • Gun cradle offers great detail definition
  • Two options of sight bracket included
  • Optional gunb sight included for assembly
  • 38 Late Production cannon slide-molded one-piece gun barrel w/hollow muzzle
  • Gun shield molded to correct scale thickness
  • Realistically made foot pedals and seats
  • Triangular gun platform w/great detail allows 360° traverse

Schaal 1:35

Dragon 6547

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