Trumpeter 06226 S-3 Viking

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S-3 Viking

The Navy's S-3B Sundown Plan called for the gradual disestablishment of Viking squadrons as the number of operational carrier-based squadrons flying the F/A-18E/F increases. The F/A-18 took over the aerial tanking role from the S-3. When an air wing receives its first Super Hornet squadron, the Viking squadron in that air wing will reduce its number of jets from 8 to 6. When that air wing receives its second Super Hornet squadron, that Viking squadron will disestablish. The Viking is scheduled for retirement in 2009.The S-3B Aircraft performed a myriad of functions which include, but not limited to, Anti-Air Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare (ASUW), Amphibious Warfare, Counter-Targeting, Over-the-Horizon Targeting, Airborne Reconnaissance, and Command and Control. S-3B Aircraft are tasked by the Carrier Battle Group Commanders to provide surface surveillance and intelligence collection, electronic warfare, mine warfare, coordinated search and rescue, and fleet support missions, including air wing tanking. Its impressive surveillance capability consists of a sophisticated ESM (electronic surveillance measures) suite and an inverse-synthetic aperture radar (ISAR). Both of these tools allow the S-3 to collect electronic intelligence invaluable to the battle group. In addition, S-3B "War Hoovers" have also been cleared to carry the AGM-84D Harpoon and AGM-65F Maverick missiles, giving the Viking an anti-surface capability to match its sensors. Finally, because of their high endurance, S-3's are used as tankers, carrying "buddy stores" that enable them to transfer jet fuel in-flight to other aircraft. 

Aantal onderdelen: 96


  • Lengte 47 mm
  • Spanwijdte 60 mm.

Aantal vliegtuigen: 6 stuks

Schaal 1:350

Trumpeter 06226

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