ATB. 1-870067-39-8 Operation Market-Garden "Then and Now"

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Encyclopedie voor modelbouwer met foto's en schetsen over de slag om Arnhem tijdens de tweede wereld oorlog.


Volume 1; covers the mounting of the operation and the crucial first two days of the battle. The story opens with the planning and preparation of the double undertaking - of Market by the newly created First Allied Airborne Army in the UK and Garden by the British Second Army on the Belgian-Dutch border. The scene then switches to describe the German military situation in the Netherlands on the eve of battle. The massive initial airborne landings of September 17, 1944, are then recounted with equal attention to each of the three airborne divisions involved. The break-out battle by the Guards Armoured Division, spearhead of the ground army, is likewise illustrated with a wealth of photographs. The second day of the operation, September 18, sees the Guards reaching the 101st Airborne at Eindhoven, making their first contact with the airborne army. 

Volume 2; of this two-volume history of Operation 'Market-Garden' continues the story as XXX Corps links up with the 82nd Airborne at Nijmegen which leads to the dramatic and spectacular capture of the vital bridges there over the Waal river. But at Arnhem the tide of battle has already turned. The main force of lst Airborne is thrown back to the Oosterbeek perimeter, leaving John Frost's isolated force at the road bridge to fight it out till the end. As the Polish Brigade is dropped south of the Rhine, and the ground army desperately tries to relieve the beleaguered British paras, down in the south the Germans launch repeated attacks on the narrow corridor in an attempt to cut the Allied supply artery. As savage battles rage for possession of 'Hell's Highway', the airborne battle is lost and on September 26 the survivors of lst Airborne are evacuated back across the Rhine.

Afbeeldingen/foto's van Duitse & Britse panzerwagens & tanks die deelname aan deze slag. 
ISBN nr. Deel 1; 1-870067-39-8.
ISBN nr. Deel 2; 1-870067-45-2
Geschreven door Karel Margry.
Aantal pagina's;

  • Deel 1; 322.
  • Deel 2; 414. 

  • Lang; 30cm.
  • Breed; 21cm.
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ATB. 1-870067-39-8 Operation Market-Garden "Then and Now"

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