HC. 2-291239-50-9 DRAGOON The other Invasion of France "August

Item No.: HC. 2-291239-50-9


On August 15, 1944, Operation ‘Dragoon’ was launched in Provence. Three American divisions sailing from Naples landed between Cavalaire and Saint-Raphaël. They were followed from Corsica, Taranto and Oran by four French divisions, who captured the cities and ports of Toulon and Marseilles after tough fighting. Then Americans and French rushed north, chasing the Germans, and liberated Lyons seventy days ahead of schedule. This adventure, with its long and meticulous planning, the incertitudes, the amphibious forces, the role played by Corsica, the German defenses, the Resistance fighters, the commandos, the airborne troops, the convoys and the assaults on the beaches, the capture of beachheads, ports, etc., is detailed here.

Encyclopedie voor modelbouwer met schetsen/tekeningen van alle tanks, vliegtuige, schepen en manschappen die werden ingezet tijdens Operatie Dragoon op 15 Austus 1944 in de tweede wereld oorlog.
Afbeeldingen van verschillende/alle tanks / vliegtuigen & schepen die tijdens Operatie Dragoon in de tweede wereld oorlog in actie kwamen.
Geschreven door; Paul Gaujac.
ISBN nr.; 2-291239-50-9
Aantal pagina's

  • 192.
  • 100+ Kleuren tekeningen.
  • 400 kleuren & zwart/wit foto's.




  • Lang; 30,6cm.
  • Breed; 21,8cm.



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HC. 2-291239-50-9 DRAGOON The other Invasion of France "August

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