OPNV.031 US Army Airborne 1940-90

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Osprey's examination of the US Army's airborne division in various conflicts, such as World War II (1939-1945) and the Vietnam War (1955-1975). The first 50 years of the US Army airborne arm is a story of continuing battles with the nation's enemies, of battles within the Army's

hierarchy, of change, and of adaptation. If there is any single attribute the airborne soldier can claim as his most sterling, it is his uncanny ability to adapt – his flexibility. The very nature of a paratrooper demands this ability to adapt. The motivation and ésprit de corps it develops within these units is something not to be taken lightly. The first class pairing of Gordon L. Rottman and Ron Volstad bring to life the history of these remarkable troops.

Afbeeldingen van Amerikaanse para eenheden en schetsen daarvan, maar ook diverse kleur tekeningen.
ISBN nr.; 0-85045-948-6
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OPNV.031 US Army Airborne 1940-90

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