Academy 1663 A-37B DRAGONFLY

Item No.: Academy 1663

A-37B DRAGONFLY            

The  A-37B Dragonfly was developed from the T-37 primary Jet Trainer. This small aircraft is used as an anti-guerilla/counter-insurgency aircraft and it can carry a large array of weapons on its 8 underwing hardpoints. The A-37 also has a GAU-2B minigun fixed arament. The A-37 is also used as a Forward Air Controller by the ANG, wich designates it as the OA-37B. Other users include the Republic of Korea Air Force

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • A-37B DRAGONFLY - USAF A-37B; 8th SOS, 14th SOW., Bien Hoa Air Force Base, Vietnam, 1970.
  • A-37B DRAGONFLY - ROKAF A-37B, 8th FW., 1996.


  • Lang; 117 mm.
  • Spanwijdte; 178 mm.

Aantal onderdelen:  116

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