Airfix 03011 B.A.C. Sepecat JAGUAR GR.1

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B.A.C. Sepecat JAGUAR GR.1

In May 1965 the Defence ministries of France and Great Britain agreed on a joint programme to develop a supersonic trainer and tactical strike aircraft. France had already decided upon the Breguet 121 design and this, together with the Rolls-Royce/Turboméca Adour engine, became the basic of the Jaguar. Design leadership was accorded Breguet Aviation and with the British Aircraft Corporation the two companies established the joint concern Sepecat to coordinate production. The first two-seat Jaguar trainer flew in September 1968 and the first single seater in March 1968.Production GR.1 aircraft enterd service with 54 Sqn in March 1974. The French Air force phased the type into service earlier in June 1973. The majority of the RAF`s Jaguar SQuadrons are based in Germany as part of NATO`s front- line ground-attack force and the aircraft has gained a high reputation for accuracy in the bombing role. The secret behind this accuracyis the navigation and weapon-aiming sub-system (NAVWASS). A futher advanced system is the laser ranger and marked-target seeker wich guarantees greater bomb-aiming accuracy, while a head-up cockpit instrument display enables Jaguar pilots to fly low level in most weather conditions without having to look down at the aircraft`s instruments. The RAF is buying 202 Jaguars and the French Air Force 200, while overseas customers include Ecuadorm, India and Oman. Jaguar is fitted with 30mm cannon and five weapon pylons capable of carrying a wide of stores up to a Max. of 10.000lb. The two Adour engines provide 6.500 thrust with reheat giving the aircraft a max. speed of 820m/ph at 10.000ft and a combat radius of 700miles.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • B.A.C. Sepecat JAGUAR GR.1 - No.6th Squadron RAF Coltishall

  • B.A.C. Sepecat JAGUAR GR.1 - No.54th Squadron RAF Coltishall 


  • Lang; 214 mm.
  • Breed; 120 mm. 

Aantal onderdelen: 79

verf Tabel voor deze bouwdoos van: Humbrol , Model Master ,Revell

  • 11 Metallic Silver                = MM1780   / REV90
  • 33 Matt Black                     = MM1749   / REV 8
  • 61 Matt Flesh                     = MM1516   / REV35 
  • 64 Matt Light Grey              = MM1731   / REV75
  • 74 Matt Linen
  • 86 Matt Light Olive
  • 104 Matt Oxford Bleu           =              / REV350
  • 106 Matt Ocean Grey            =              / REV47 
  • 117 Matt Light US Green       = MM1713

Scale 1:72

Airfix A03011

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Airfix 03011 B.A.C. Sepecat JAGUAR GR.1

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