Italeri 105 Dornier Do 217 K-1

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                        Dornier Do 217 K-1

The Do-217K-1 differed from its predecesors,the most noteworthy difference being  an entirely redesigned nose section, eliminating the usual stepped 'airliner' nose with a fully glazed version as with the He-111. The BMW 810Cs were supplanted by the D versions offering 1,700 hp on take off and operating on 97 octane fuel. It was intended primarily for night bombing and initial production aircraft started leaving the production line in  late summer of 1942, first serving with KG 2 a bit later on that year. Initial production planes had the R 25 tail fairing housing a Perlon braking chute (for use as a dive bomber) , but that was eliminated early in the run. Other additions were underwing racks for torpedoes though none were used operationally.

The aircraft was supplanted by the longer winged K-2 version which could carry Fritz-X guided bombs and operated throughout the 'baby blitz' of 1944. As the war drew to a close, it was seen that bombers were not of much use and like many other remaining bomber types, they ended their war as cannon fodder to attacking Allied fighter-bombers.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • Frankrijk, 1944-45, nachtbommenwerpers groep nr.3 Kampfgeschwaders 2.
  • Frankrijk, 1943, 1st groep kampfgeschwadres 66.
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Italeri 105 Dornier Do 217 K-1

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