H-1272 1931 CADILLAC

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                                1931 CADILLAC 

In 1931, Cadillac sold a series of cars based on a 16 cylinder engine and frame.  A number of body styles were offered:  Coupes, Town Cars, and Sedans were most common.  About 20% of the cars were produced as convertibles or open cars. 
 The 1931 Cadillac was the flagship of the Cadillac line in 1931. Also known as the “All Weather Phaeton”, the car listed for $4895, plus options, a huge amount in those days.  (A 1931 Ford Sedan cost about $600.)   Some of the cars had bodies by Fisher, but a majority had semi-custom bodies outfitted by Fleetwood.  Choosing from a list of body and styling options, the buyer could create a car from about 50 different possible body styles.
 Like all of the V-16 Cadillacs, the Phaeton was loaded with the latest automotive technology.  The car featured a 7.4 liter V-16 engine, which developed 165 hp.   The engine featured a new overhead valve technology, and the car had “adjustable ride control”. 

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H-1272 1931 CADILLAC

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