IT237 3/4ton TRUCK WC51 "BEEP"

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                  Dodge 3/4ton TRUCK WC51 "BEEP"

Standard vehicles in the 3/4 ton, 4x4 class are the Weapons Carrier and Telephone Installation Trucks, and the Ambulance.
The 3/4 ton Carryall Truck and  3/4 ton Command and Recconnaissance Truck are Limited Standard.
The vehicles have top governed speeds of 54 miles per hour
They are capable of operation over unimproved roads, trails and open, rolling and hilly cross country with a towed load.
Wheels are equipped with 9.00 x 16, 8-ply tires
The engine is of the liquid-cooled 6-cylinder, L-head type, and clutch is of  of the single dry-plate type.
Power is transmitted from the four-speed selective gear transmission through a short  propellor shaft to the transfer case, and thence to both front and rear axles.
The vehicles may be driven  with all four wheels, or with the rear wheels only.
A power take-off is provided on vehicles equipped with a winch.
Service brakes are hydraulic, internal expanding, and handbrakes are mechanical,external-contracting.
Wheel and tire assemblies are interchangeable, front and rear.
Desert equipment includes a radiator surge tank of at least four quart capacity; a power driven air compressor with sufficient hose to inflate all tires; a radiator with shroud ring for those vehicles not already equipped;
and a low pressure tire gage.
Pioneer tools, two five-gallon liquid containers and a fire extinguisher are furnished with each truck.
These vehicles are manyfactured  by the FARGO MOTOR CORPORATION.
The Dodge 3/4 ton 4x4 truck was the successor to the 1/2 ton Dodge truck first build in 1936. In 1942 Dodge became the sole manufacturer of the 3/4 ton 4x4 truck of which tens-of-tousands where made in nearly one dozen models
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  • U.S.Army - D-Day Normandy 1944.
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IT237 3/4ton TRUCK WC51 "BEEP"
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