AA31925 Supermarine Spitfire LFIXE RAF Fighter

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French Canadian ace "Dick" Audet was serving with No411 "Grizzly Bear" Sqn when he opened his account in spectacular fashion on 29 December 1944 by downing five aircraft in quick succession. In the month that followed he gained several other victories before being killed on 3 March 1945 when his aircraft was hit by flak during a strafing mission. His score stood at 10 claims at this time. Includes free set of MkIX pilot's notes.

Note from a long-term Hattons customer "RV", regarding this model:

Dick Audet was from the Alberta in the mid-west of Canada (therefore not a French Canadian). At the time of his death, Dick was an acting Wing Commander. RV knew Dick personally, and can remember his (RV's) mother sewing the three bands of that rank on to the sleeves of Dicks uniform.

Dick was apparently the first allied airman to shoot down a ME-262 jet (claims also made by USAF for this title, but Dicks claims were substantiated by two first-hand witnesses)

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Supermarine Spitfire LFIXE - flown by Flt.Lt.Dick Audet, No.411 Squadron Royal Air Force, Heesch, Holland December 1944 "Ace in a Day".

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AA31925 Supermarine Spitfire LFIXE RAF Fighter

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