AA38702 Spitfire PR.XIX "Battle of Britian Memorial Flight"

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                  ''  Spitfire PR.XIX "Battle of Britian Memorial Flight"

Built in November 1945 as a high altitude photo reconnaissance aircraft with a Griffon 66 engine a pressurised cockpit, PM631 was too late to see operation service in the Second World War.  She was delivered to the RAF in 1946 and issued to 203 Advanced Flying School in May 1949. Modified for meteorological work, she was flown with the Temperature and Humidity Monitoring (THUM) Flight based at Hooton Park and Woodvale. On 11th July 1957, in formation with Spitfires PS853 and PS915, the aircraft was flown to Biggin Hill to form the Historic Aircraft Flight which later developed into the BBMF.  PM631 has remained in flying condition with the Flight and is the BBMF's longest serving aircraft, with 2008 having been her 51st year of continuous service.  PM631 is painted as an early PRXIX of 541 Squadron which performed high altitude reconnaissance missions over the European theatre from 1944 to the end of the War.  Appropriately, the 541 Squadron’s motto was 'Alone Above All'. Spitfire PRXIXs were unarmed but could fly at 370mph at 40,000 feet (with pressurised cockpits) and had a range of 1,500 miles, demonstrating the incredible development potential of the original Spitfire design.

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  • Royal Air Force - PM631 RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Coningsby, Lincs. 2009.


  • Spanwijdte:153mm
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AA38702 Spitfire PR.XIX "Battle of Britian Memorial Flight"

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