Corgi AA35006 Gloster Meteor F.8 "Diamonds Four" 1957

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Air Power Series
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In 1957, the Royal Netherlands Air Force formed an aerobatic display team with four Gloster Meteor Mk.8s. Known as "Ruiten Vier" (Diamonds Four), the team performed shows throughout Europe just for one year before disbanding.

Designed as a turbojet-powered fighter in a time when piston-engined aircraft still dominated the skies, the Gloster Meteor first flew on March 5, 1943. The Meteor was the first British jet fighter and the only Allied jet aircraft to see service during WWII. It debuted around the same time as the German Me 262, but was not used for dogfighting—instead, Meteors were used to combat the V1 Flying Bomb. The Meteor's service during WWII was limited, but it saw combat during the Korean War and was used by the Royal Australian Air Force and by the Air Forces of more than a dozen other nations until its ultimate retirement in the 1970s. 

Corgi's 1:72 scale Meteor series includes both early and late variants of the F. Mk 8. The early F 8 variant features longer engine nacelles and obstructed visibility behind the pilot, with the later featuring shorter engine nacelles with a larger intake and a full canopy. Four 20mm cannon guns—the aircraft's main weapons—are visible just below the cockpit. Some releases include rockets mounted under the outer wings, and some include a ventral mounted fuel tank with under-wing tanks. The stout metal landing gear with splash guard fenders are easy to install for ground display 
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  • Klu - "Diamonds Four" Aerobatic Team 1957

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Corgi AA35006 Gloster Meteor F.8 "Diamonds Four" 1957

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