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A detailed DIE-CAST model for the adult collector

In April 1943 the 236 Squadron was one of three squadrons that formed the new Coastal Command Strike Wing, Coastal Group #16 at RAF North Coates. They flew the Bristol Beaufighter Mk. X commonly referred to as the "Torbeau" because of its ability to be armed with a torpedo or optional rockets or bombs. Their primary function was anti-shipping and during the final three years of WWII the North Coates squadrons sank 117 ships accounting for over 150,000 tons. All this came at the cost of 120 Beaufighters and the loss of 241 crew members.

Designed to counter the growing threat of the Luftwaffe, the British Bristol Beaufighter—known as "Beau"—first flew on July 17th, 1939. The rugged Beaufighter had two-speed supercharged radial engines mounted well ahead of the wing leading edges. The cockpit was located in the snub nose, which gave the pilot an excellent forward view. A navigator, wireless operator and rear gunner were positioned in a rear cupola. The Beau's premier role was as a nightfighter, but it was also used as a long-range fighter and developed into an antishipping and ground attack cannon rocket-firing fighter, torpedo plane and tactical bomber.

Hobby Master's 1:72 scale Bristol Beaufighter is constructed almost entirely from diecast metal with a large thick solid metal wing and stubby nose. The fuselage features four 20mm cannon ports with vents for spent shell casings, simulated fabric stretched control surfaces and removable canopies that open to reveal pad-printed instrument panels, control yoke and side-mounted equipment. The wing has six gun ports on the leading edge and seamlessly-blended engine nacelles and cooling fins on each cylinder head. Variants in the series include the TF.Mk.X torpedo fighter with removable torpedo, the night fighter Mk.IF with "herringbone" antenna and the all-weather/night attack Mk.VIF with its "thimble-nose" radome.

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  • NT 950/MB-T, Coastal Squadron 236, 1944

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HA2301 Bristol Beaufighter TF.Mk.X

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