SM7002 Strikemaster Mk.88 "Royal New Zealand Air Force"

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BAC 167 Strikemaster
The BAC 167 Strikemaster’s first flight was in 1967 and basically is an armed variant of the Jet Provost T Mk. 5. Outfitted with an up-rated engine, wing-hardpoints, a strengthened airframe along with new electronics as well as the ability to operate from rough airstrips made the Strikemaster popular with third-world countries. The Strikemaster is capable of carrying a wide variety of ordnance. However the majority were used as advanced trainers.

BAC 167 Strikemaster Specifications
Number produced - 146 (136 - 80 series)  (10 - 90 series)
Powerplant - 1 x 3,410 lb thrust Rolls-Royce Viper Mk 535 turbojet.
Empty - 6,195 lb
Max takeoff weight – 11,500 lb
Wing Span - 36ft 10in
Length - 34ft 0in
Height - 10ft 2in
Maximum Speed - 518 mph
Range - 1,382 miles
2 x  7.62-mm (0.3-inch) FN machine guns, plus
8 x underwing hard-points to carry up to 3,000 lb of rockets, Napalm tanks, bombs, gun
pods, reconnaissance pods, fuel tanks and/or gun cameras.


  • Strikemaster Mk.88 - Royal New Zealand Air Force, 1978.
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SM7002 Strikemaster Mk.88 "Royal New Zealand Air Force"

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