HG3505 Centurion Mk.5 Royal Canadian Dragoons of C Company, 2nd

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According to many authorities the Centurion is considered the best British tank ever. The
British used this tank in Korea, the Israelis in the Middle East and the Australians in
Vietnam. Each time the Centurion proved to be better than the enemy equipment and in
most cases superior to any Allied tanks in the field with them. The Centurion saw 13
models produced with several sub-variants. The Centurion has been used by 15
countries and has been involved in 8 wars or conflicts.

NATO asked Canada to provide a squadron during the Korean War so the Korean
Squadron was drawn from the Strathcona Squadron and given the identity “C”. The new
NATO squadron was renamed the Royal Canadian Dragoons but kept the “C” squadron
identity. Canada provided a tank squadron for NATO from late 1951 to mid 1957. This
squadron was equipped with the Centurion tank that had been upgraded to a Mk. 5 with
the 20 pounder gun. The Centurion was in use from 1952 until the late 1970s when it
was replaced by the Leopard. The RCD C Sqn was based at Werl, Germany until it was
upgraded to a regiment. Several moves took place until 1970 when they finally settled in
Lahr, Germany. An example of this great tank can be found in the Canadian War
Museum in Ottawa, Canada.


Crew – 4

Powerplant - Rolls-Royce Mk. IVB 12-cylinder gasoline liquid-cooled, 650 hp @ 2550 rpm
Maximum speed - 21 mph (34.6 km/h)
Fuel Capacity - 2,740 US gallons / 2,281 British Imperial gallons (10,371 L)
Range - 118 miles (190 km)

1 X fully stabilized L7 105 mm main gun
1 X 7.62 mm co-axial Machine gun
1 X 12.7 mm RMG (Ranging Machine Gun)
1 X 7.62 mm Machine gun (Commander’s cupola)
2 X 6 round smoke grenade dischargers

Combat - 61.7 shirt ton (US) / 55.12 long ton (UK) (56,000 kg)

Length - 25.67 ft (7.823 m excluding main gun) / 32.33 ft (9.854 m including main gun)
Width - 11.12 ft (3.39 m)
Height - 9.65 ft (2.94 m)

Maximum - 5.98 in (152 mm)
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  • Centurion Mk.5 Royal Canadian Dragoons of C Company, 2nd Platoon, Germany.


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HG3505 Centurion Mk.5 Royal Canadian Dragoons of C Company, 2nd

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