Oxford 76TIL001 Austin Tilly "9th Survey Regiment RA"

Item No.: Oxford 76TIL001

Austin Tilly "9th Survey Regiment RA"

The Tilly was the name given to a number of British vehicles produced during WWII based on civilian car designs, adapted for use by each of the armed forces across all areas during the conflict. The key vehicles used were the Austin, Hillman, Morris and Standard. The Austin Tilly is the subject of the latest piece of new tooling in the Oxford Military range. Tilly was the nickname derived from the term Utility and these hybrid vehicles proved especially versatile, fitted with a simple rear loading area. Very few remain today but they can be seen in military museums at home and abroad, including the Yorkshire Air Museum, the Muckleburgh Collection and overseas in the Ta Kali Museum in Malta, the French Regional Air Museum at Angers-Marce and the Czech Republic tank museum just outside Prague. The Tilly Register logs all 'finds', with members cross Europe and Australia. The Oxford model appears in a drab green/black camouflage scheme with a 'canvas' back and distinctive wartime markings on the front, back and sides. The spare wheel and a spade are housed on the roof of the driver's cab and extensive masking operations have picked out details on the wheel hubs, headlights and headlight lenses, door handles, petrol cap, radiator slits and even the shaft of the spade. The Oxford miniature will be of special interest to WWII military enthusiasts, as well as being an unusual addition to a vehicle collection of the period.

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Oxford 76TIL001 Austin Tilly "9th Survey Regiment RA"

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