Busch BA95214 IFA W50 LA/A

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The W50 was designed in over 70 basic models with different structures. The LA / A presented here is the militarized version of the main and off-road truck series in the GDR. It was used in the armed organs for universal transport tasks or as a towing vehicle for various trailers. The riot police used the W50 LA / A in addition to the use as a support vehicle for the "free road" safety gate in the turn time as canister tankers. The canister being transported in the corresponding racks, alternatively, also referred to as "fuel bladder" tank flexible containers could be loaded. 25 years' Fall of the Wall "
More than 28 years was West Berlin in the stranglehold of the fortified border with East Germany. The decision on the construction of the wall was then a state secret and was published only on 10 August 1961, three days before the beginning of this terrible mammoth project. During this time, terrible scenes took place in the short term, many people were still trying to reach the West, friendships and families have been torn apart for a long time. A life behind the "iron curtain" began life under the constant supervision of the Stasi (State Security) with interception and Bespitzelungstyrannei was part of everyday life. Over the years, in which there lies no longer hide from the oppressed people of the GDR round of progress and technology as well as quality of life and the freedom of man, it was always likely to escape attempts and riots. Many politicians tried to obtain a consensus, even Ronald Reagan appealed to the opening of the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987 in his famous speech. Then suddenly it happened in the night of Thursday, November 9 to Friday, 10 November 1989, the Berlin Wall falls - the turn takes its course. Families and friends who were separated for years, can close in his arms at last again. At this memorable event we have created the following models and put to the wheels. All models in this series have a colorful printed brick in the package.

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Busch BA95214 IFA W50 LA/A

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