Dragon 4604 AGGRESSORS F-5E VFC-111 & F5F VFC-13

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The F-5 was a light supersonic fighter produced by Northrop form the 1960s onwards. It was widely exported and hundreds remain in service around the world. Many were used by the U.S. Air Force as training and aggressor aircraft, while a handful remain in Navy training units today. The F-5E, the second-generation Tiger II, is an enlarged and lengthened version of the F-5A, while the F-5F is a two-seat variant. They retained a single M39 nose cannon, while the F-5F originally received an Emerson AN/APQ-157 radar. In its lifetime, the Tiger II received an upgraded Emerson AN/APQ-159 planar array radar.

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  • F-5E Tiger II , USN , VFC-11
  • F-5F Tiger II , USN , VFC-13

Aantal onderdelen:  120

Extra `s:

  • 1 grondplaat
  • NAS EPU Tractor
  • Utility Cart
  • Oxygen / Nitrogen Cart

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Dragon 4604 AGGRESSORS F-5E VFC-111 & F5F VFC-13

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