Zvezda 7009 SUKHOI SUPERJET 100 Civil Airliner

Item No.: Zvezda 7009

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 (Russian: �����???�?�?퀐������ �����???���������?�?���􋀐�������?�?? 100) is a fly-by-wire regional jet in the 8 (VIP) to 108 (all Y) seat category. With development starting in 2000, the airliner was designed by the civil aircraft division of the Russian aerospace company Sukhoi in co-operation with its main partner Boeing. Its maiden flight was conducted on 19 May 2008. On 21 April 2011, the Superjet 100 undertook its first commercial passenger flight, on the Armavia route from Yerevan to Moscow.

Designed to compete internationally with its An-158, Embraer and Bombardier counterparts, the Superjet 100 claims substantially lower operating costs, at a lower purchase price of $35 million.

The final assembly of the Superjet 100 is done by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association. Its SaM-146 engines are designed and produced by the French-Russian PowerJet joint venture and the aircraft is marketed internationally by the Italian-Russian SuperJet International joint venture.

The three variants were originally called the RRJ-60, RRJ-75 and RRJ-95, with the numbers designating the average passenger capacity of each type. However, with the renaming of the project to Superjet 100 (or SSJ100 for short), the RRJ-75 was re-labelled the Superjet 100/75, while the RRJ-95 became known as the Superjet 100/95. The smallest variants were postponed, and efforts are currently concentrating on the Superjet 100/95. The Long Range variant is about to be certified with a VIP-variant, based on SSJ100/95LR to follow.

It is unlikely that the Superjet 100/75 will be developed, but stretched versions, seating 115 - 145 passengers (SuperJet Stretch and Superjet NG), are planned

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  • Sokhoi Superjet 100 - Prototype
  • Sokhoi Superjet 100 - AEROFLOT Russian Airlines "RA89001"


  • Lang; 208 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 47

Model Master verf kleur nr.'s; 1550 / 1730 / 1749 / 1768 /  1790 / 1780 / 1781 / 1795 / 2032.

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