Academy 12105 F-16I SUFA

Item No.: Academy 12105
                      '' F-16I SUFA ''
The Israeli F-16I "Sufa" fighter, a specially developed potent aircraft, started life as a Block 50/52 F-16 and was given an extensive increase in fuel capacity, as well as upgrades needed by the IAF. The Sufa (it means Thunderstorm) is easily recognizable by the distinctive conformal 600 gallon fuel tanks that give the aircraft a range of up to 1000 miles, enough to cover the entire Middle East region including Iran. It is equipped with both American and Israeli weapons. Its radar, the Northrop Grumman APG-68, is also more advanced than any other in the IAF fleet. The F-16I is also equipped with the Synthetic Aperture Radar system and Litening navigation pod, giving the F-16I all-weather, day and night attack capabilities. It also has internally mounted FLIR (forward looking infrared) viewers and Israeli state-of-the-art systems hardware. 

vier uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • Tayeset 253 "Negev (Ha 'Negev)".  
  • Tayeset 119 "Bat (Ha' Atalef)". 
  • Tayeset 201 "The One (Ahat)".
  • Tayeset 107 "Knights of the Orange Tail (Ha' Rosh Ha' Aryev)".


  • 2 x GBU-31(V)3 JDAM
  • 2 x GBU-31(V)1 JDAM
  • 2 x GBU-38 JDAM
  • 2 x GBU-12 Paveway II LGB
  • 2 x AGM-130
  • 2 x AIM-120B AMRAAM 
  • 2 x Python-4
  • 1 x 300 gallon centerline tank
  • 2 x 370 gallon wing tanks
  • 2 x 600 gallon wing tanks
  • 1 x AAQ-13 LANTIRN navigation pod
  • 1 x LITENING targeting pod
  • Nice all-glass cockpits fore and aft
  • Re-tooled instrument panel covers
  • Choice of clear or tinted canopies
  • Positionable canopy
  • Choice of narrow or widemouth inlets (the Sufa uses the narrow mouth)
  • Choice of Pratt or GE afterburner sections (again, the Sufa uses the Pratt)
  • Full-length inlet with engine face
  • Nicely detailed wheel wells
  • Choice of standard F-16C/D tail base or dorsal spine (Sufa uses the dorsal)
  • Choice of standard rear tail fairing or parapack housing
  • Late block landing/taxi lights on nose gear door
  • Bulged main gear doors and heavy duty main gear
  • Positionable speed brakes
  • Positionable trailing edge flaps
  • Positionable radome to reveal detailed radar
  • Turned aluminum pitot tube and AOA sensors
  • Sufa-specific lateral nose antennas (stock antennas also in the box)
  • Advanced IFF antennas
  • RHAW/EW antenna fairings on the inlet sides and under the inlet (standard nav light fairings also in the box)
  • Optional boarding ladder
  • Optional crew figures

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Academy 12105 F-16I SUFA

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