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After the Ju88 with over 6200 units built, the He 111 became the most prolific bomber of the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War. Although it was inferior to all Allied Bombers, it remained in mass production until the autumn of 1944. The He 111 first saw service during the Spanish Civil War. Out of an aircraft with a stepped nose with limited visibility forward and down, evolved abomber with a fully glazed asymmetric nose section that became the trademark of the He111. This version received the designation He111P. From the end of 1941 the He 111 was considered to be outdated due to its poor accuracy. Despite this,mass production of the He111H-6 continued. The aircraft was fitted with the Junkers Jumo 211F-1, a 12 cylinder engine with a capacity of 35 litres giving a power output of 1350 Bhp. It was one of the most advanced engines of the period.In the torpedo bomber role the H-6 could carry two LT F5b aerial torpedoes externally under the fuselage - instead of an external bomb load of up to 2500 kg. As the war continued the He 111 also played an increasingly important role as a transport aircraft. With a production run of 1775 units the H-6 was the largest volume production model of the He111 series. They were used up until theend of the War.

  • Conversion Parts for the H6 Model
  • H6 Under-Belly
  • Large Fuselage ETC Detailed Surfaces with recessed Panel Joints
  • Detailed Cockpit including Instrument Panel
  • Control Column and Bomb Aiming Device
  • Pilots Seat and extensive Floor Control Panel Detail
  • Structured Side Walls
  • Front MG and detailed Bomb Aimers Position
  • 2 SD 500 Bombs
  • 2 Aerial Torpedoes
  • Navigator Position with Instrument Console
  • Lower Well complete with MG
  • Tail-wheel with framework
  • Detailed Jumo Engine Nacelles
  • Separate Radiator and Flaps
  • Moveable Propeller
  • Detailed Undercarriage Bays
  • Separate Aileronsand Flaps
  • Detailed Tail with separate Ruder Surfaces
  • Detailed Undercarriage
  • MG Position on the Fuselage

Drie uitvoering mogelijk;

  • Heinkel He111H-6 of 7./KG4 "General Wever", Stalingrad, Russia 1942.
  • Heinkel He111H-6 of 7./KG4, Afrika, August 1942.
  • Heinkel He111H-6 of 2./KG26, Normay, July 1942, flown by Lt.K.Hennemann.

Aantal onderdelen; 435.

  • Lang; 511 mm
  • Breed; 709 mm.

Revell verf: 5 / 39 / 40 / 45 / 49 / 77 / 371. 

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