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                       '' HAWKER HUNTER F.6. '' 

The Hunter was designed and directed by the renowned British designer Sir Sydney Camm in 1948 as a day fighter replacement for the Gloster Meteor. Remodeled types of this fighter have been made one after another since its first flight in 1951. And used not only by UK but by many other countries. The F.6 version, the most-produced Hunter variant, was introduced in 1956, and had become standard for most squadrons by 1958. The F.6 has been replaced by more powerful 200 series Rolls-Royce 'Avon' engine, and received all-flying tail, and extended-chord dog-tooth wing. The Hunter F MK.6 where operational from 1958 / 1968 by the Ducth Airforce 93 Hunters F.6`s have flown in No. 322 ,323 ,324(Leeuwarden AB) ,325 , 326 and 327SQ (Soesterberg AB)

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  • No.63 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Squadron Commander's Aircraft, 1957-1958.
  • No.65 Squadron, Royal Air Force, 1960.
  • highley detailed cockpit interior and landing gear bay
  • Fully engraved panel lines and rivet detail
  • Optional position air brake ,canopy ,rudder and flaps
  • Full complement under-wing stores 
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