Academy 12227 MiG-29AS "Slovak Air Force" Fighter

Item No.: Academy 12227

In the late 1960s, the USAF started to develop a requirement for an advanced air superiority fighter based upon the lessons being learned in combat over Vietnam plus the growing threats posed by the MiG-23 and MiG-25. This program led to the F-15 Eagle followed closely by lightweight fighter program creating the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Soviet planners viewed these new fighter developments with concern and started the process for a counter-development leading to the Su-27 Flanker and its lightweight counterpart, the MiG-29 Fulcrum. Entering service in the mid-1980s, the MiG-29 is a highly maneuverable dogfighter with an impressive mix of air-to-air weapons.

The MiG-29 was in service with the Soviet Air Force, numerous Warsaw Pact air forces, and export versions were provided to a number of Soviet client nations around the world. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent dissolution of the former Warsaw Pact nations in 1991, many MiG-29s would become the frontline fighter of the new fledgling former Soviet states like the Ukraine. With the merger of East and West Germany, EGAF MiG-29s were suddenly a core part of the Luftwaffe. Some of these Luftwaffe MiG-29s have since taken part in Red Flag exercises at Nellis AFB and missile evaluation flights at Eglin AFB. While the MiG OKB has presented a variety of newer MiG-29 variants, many of these early MiG-29s remain on active duty around the world.

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • Slovak Air Force, May 2008.


  • Lang; 365mm.
  • Hoog; 95mm.


  • Basic cockpit
  • Choice of open or closed canopy
  • Choice of open or closed dorsal intake louvers
  • Choice of open or closed FOD doors in intakes
  • Compressor faces at end of intake ducts (if FOD doors open)
  • NATO standard IFF and comm antennas added
  • Positionable speed brakes
  • 2 x R-27 (AA-10D)
  • 2 x R-73 (AA-11)
  • 2 x R-60 (AA-8)
  • 1 x centerline fuel tank

Humbrol verf kleur nr.'s; 11 / 19 / 22 / 25 / 30 / 33 / 53 / 125 / 127 / 140 / 1322.

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Academy 12227 MiG-29AS "Slovak Air Force" Fighter

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