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The MB-326 was designed by Dr. Ing Ermanno Bazzochi and became the most successful aircraft built by the Italian Aermacchi company. The first two prototypes of this tandem two-seat jet trainer were flown in December 1957. The Italian air force soon acquired 15 pre-production aircraft, and they were so pleased with its performance, they purchased another 85. These trainers were also supplied to countries in Africa and South America, their sales being fueled by a growing need to replace older, propeller driven trainers. To further expand its customer base, Aermacchi soon produced the armed, two seat MB-326B and -326F. A stable and extremely maneuverable aircraft, the MB-326 was well suited for the close-support role. These variants were usually flown with the second seat empty, and could also be used for weapons training.

On August 22, 1970, Aermacchi flew its new, single seat prototype ground attack fighter. Given the designation MB-326K, it had a powerful Rolls-Royce turbojet and a pair of electrically-operated cannons. Ammunition storage for the guns was located in the space left empty by the removal of the second seat. New electronics were added, and the airframe was strengthened to accommodate more armament on the hard points under the wings. In 1974, the MB-326K got its first new operators when the Dubai Police Air Wing ordered three for counter-insurgency work. A year later, in 1975, Atlas in South Africa began building the MB-326K under license as the Impala II. These saw action over Angola, and the next year both Ghana and Tunisia supplemented their armed two-seat MB-326s with the new -326K.

Zeven uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Versie A:Italian Air Force, 9th Stormo / 609th Squadron - Grazzanise 1986.
  • Versie B:Italian Air Force, 9th Stormo / 609th Squadron - Grazzanise 1990.
  • Versie C:Italian Air Force - Scuola Volo Basico Aviogetti - Galatina 1974.
  • Versie D:Armada Naval Argentina - 1st Esquadrilla de Ataque - Punta de Indio 1970.
  • Versie E:South African Air Force - 5th Squadron / 85th Advanced Flying School.
  • Versie F:Australian Air Force - Central Flying School Raaf 1979.
  • Versie G:Armada Naval Argentina - 1st Esquadrilla de Ataque.


  • Lengte 222 mm.

omzetnummer Modelmaster naar Humbrol nr:

Versie A,B,C,D,E,F,G

  • 1405  HB 53 Gunmetal
  • 1546  HB 11 Silver
  • 1569  HB 154 Matt Insignia Yellow 
  • 1706  HB 121 Matt Pale Stone 
  • 1711  HB 155 Matt Olive Drab
  • 1716  HB 120 Matt Pale Green
  • 1740  HB 140 Matt Gull Grey
  • 1768  HB   34 Matt White
  • 2715  HB   14 Gloss French Bleu

Versie A,B & C Italian AF

  • 1740  HB 140 Matt Gull Grey
  • 1749  HB   33 Matt black 
  • 2022   ?

Versie D & G Armada Naval Argentina 1970

  • 1728  HB 127 Satin US Ghost Grey
  • 1749  HB  33 Matt Black
  • 1768  HB  34 Matt White

Versie E SAAF

  • 1401  HB 56 Metallic Aluminium
  • 1405  HB 53 Metallic Gun Metal
  • 1728  HB 127 Satin US Ghost Grey
  • 1749  HB  33 Matt Black

Versie F  RAAF

  • 1401  HB 56 Metallic Aluminium
  • 1726  ?
  • 1745  HB 22 Gloss White
  • 1749  HB 33 Matt Black
  • 2022   ?
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