Revell 04530 Messerschmitt Bf 110 G-2/R3

Item No.: Revell 04530

The Bf 110 was one of the most versatile twin engine combat aircraft used by the German Luftwaffe in World War II, which was produced in greatest numbers. Predominantly used as a fighter-bomber, it was also particularly successful as a night fighter, as it had been designed from the outset as a long-range twin-engine fighter with a two-man crew. In 1942 a new series came into existence, the Bf 110 G, with new and more powerful type DB 605 engines. Production was delayed by delivery difficulties with the engines. When in November 1942 the series finally went into production, it was designated the G-2. Extensive trials were carried out with the G-4 version that was originally intended as a night fighter, including new weapons systems, such as the WT 151 pod under the fuselage or the WGr21 rockets under the wings, that were then added onto the G-2 also. In this configuration the Bf 110 was used as a destroyer to defend the Reich against the American bomber units.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Bf 110G-2; Luftwaffe 5./ZG 76 Reichsverteidigung, Winter 1944.
  • Bf 110G-2/R3; Luftwaffe III./ZG 26 "Horst Weesel", Reichsverteidigung, Winter 1944.

aantal onderdelen ; 148
afmeting ;

  •  Lengte 252mm 
  •  Spanwijdte 343mm


  • Structurally detailed surfaces with flush metal joints
  • Detailed cockpit with instrument panel
  • Movable propeller
  • Detailed landing gear
  • Flattened tyres
  • Separate oil cooler
  • 2 auxiliary tanks
  • 4 rocket pods
  • MG in cockpit
  • Cockpit canopy optionally open
  • Separate navigation lights

Humbrol verf nr.'s; 5 9 15 36 40 45 47 49 56 67 77 78 83 86 91 731 752

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