Airfix A03011a B.A.C. Sepecat Jaguar GR.3

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One of several succesful Anglo- French aircraft projects, the first SEPECAT Jaguar- a French two seat E model- made its intial flight on 8 September 1968. The British Jaguar S (Single-seat Shrike) and Jaguar B (two-seat-trainer) were respectively designed as the GR.1 and T.2 and both types entered service with the Jaguar Conversion Unit Team (later re-designated No 226OCU) at RAF Lossiemouth 1in 1973 and with the first two operational units. No.6 and No.54 Squadrons in 1974. By this time, production GR.1 featured the '' chisel '' nose housing the LRMTS (Laser Marked Target Seeker); along with its computerised NAVWASS (Navigation and Weapon Aiming Target Seeker), the Jaguar gave the RAF very advanced capabilities in the ground attack role. In the mid-1980`s, the NAVWASS systems were upgraded  leading to the new designations GR.1A and T.2A. Jaguars also entered service with No.2 and 41 Squadrons in the tactical reconnaissance role, and in the Shrike role with Nos 14 ,17 ,20 and 31 Squadrons in RAF Germany. More recently , the OCU has been retitled as No.16 (Reserve)SQ whose markings are now carried. During the Gulf War in early 1991, 12 Jaguars GR.1A`s were based in Bahrain and flew a total of 618 strike and Reconnaissance sorties without loss. Britsh versions of the Jaguars have also been exported to Ecuador ,India, Nigeria and Oman , while the French version (single seat A and Two seat E models) continue to form a major component of the Armée de L`Air. The Jagaur GR.1A is powered by two Rolls Royce/Turboméca Adour RT172-26 Adour MK.104 aftherburning turbofans, each rated at 5,270lbs thrust and 7,900lbs with reheat, giving a max. speed of 820m/ph at 31.000ft . Armament: two Aden 30mm cannon in fuslage: five externel stores stations can carry al large variety of weapons and stores up to max. load of 10.000lbs , including free-fall and precision guided munitions, air to ground guided or unguided rockets, chaff and flare dispenders, ECM and laser designator pods, reconnaissance pods and fuel tanks, AIM-9L Sidewinder  air-to-air missiles can also be carried on the underwing or overwing pylons.   

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Versie A :No.16 (reserve)Sqn.,Royal Air Force, Coltishall, UK, Maart 2004 .
  • Versie B :N0.41 Sqn.,Royal Air Force,Coltishall,Exercise Snowgoose,Badufoss,2003 .

Aantal onderdelen: 84

Verf tabel voor deze bouwdoos van: Humbrol , Model Master , Revell 

Versie A /B

  • 53 Metallic Gunmetal               = MM1795
  • 70 Matt Brick Red                     
  • 81 Matt Pale Yellow
  • 85 Satin Coal Black                  = MM2735   / REV 9 ,302
  • 127 Satin US Ghost Grey           = MM1428
  • 147 Matt Light Grey                  = MM1732
  • 156 Satin Dark Camo Grey
  • 163 Satin Dark Green
  • 164 Satin Dark Sea Grey
  • 171 Metallic Antique Bronze
  • 186 Matt Brown                        = MM1701   / REV381

Versie B 

  • 34 Matt White 

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Airfix A03011a B.A.C. Sepecat Jaguar GR.3

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